I have a special interest in the nature of suffering, in how, as human beings, we approach and deal with what we experience in everyday living.

There might be times when we find ourselves ‘at sea’, going round in circles, unable to take the next step and move on with life. We might have lost someone close to our heart or missed our sense of direction; we might feel confused, fearful of change, disoriented at the inability to come to terms with our condition, and alone with our suffering.

How we overcome our difficulties, traumas and losses, whether physical or mental, makes the difference to the quality of our life and that of those around us.

Psychotherapy offers you a unique opportunity to be proactive with regard to the restoration of your well being.

The intention of this model of therapy is to look ‘Mindfully’ at how you live your life, bringing awareness to what interferes with the potentials for your full realisation, causing suffering.

The therapeutic room is a safe environment where fears and distress can be shared with a non judgemental and attentive listener professionally trained to pay full attention to you and your needs. You will be provided with a warm and welcoming space where you are going to be supported in the exploration of yourself, your relationship with your present and past experiences, and the choices of more suitable alternatives on how to relate to others and the world.

Finding the right Psychotherapist

In a therapeutic setting, you meet your therapist and establish with him/her a close relationship based on trust and respect. Both of you are going to be affected by the nature of this relationship, and grow and change because of it.

Research demonstrates that the depth and quality of this unique bond is crucial to beneficial changes in your life. It is therefore very important that you find the right Psychotherapist, someone you believe you can relate to and feel at ease with, who welcomes each and every aspect of you, especially your suffering and the different forms in which it expresses itself in your life.

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Mindfulness based Core Process Psychotherapy (C.P.P.)

Core Process is a contemporary model of Psychotherapy which integrates the ancient wisdom of various Eastern traditions with Western understandings of how one’s personality forms, develops and changes.

This unique therapeutic approach is based on the assumption that the cultivation of awareness through Mindfulness practice can help creating a healthier and more balanced way of living.

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